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Durable dining table for your patio or garden

In the fresh air, food tastes better. Whether you just like to have coffee on the terrace in the summer morning or barbecue with friends in the evening - our selection includes small, medium, and large dining tables. If you occasionally need places for a larger group of people at the table, an extendable garden table may be suitable for you. The classic dining table can also be replaced by a side table.

Outdoor table materials and maintenance

  • All dining tables are framed in light and durable aluminium – you can easily and effortlessly change your outdoor space.
  • The tabletops are made of ceramic glass and are easy to maintain. Simply use water to clean.
Read more about the materials.
Cover the furniture up for the winter or if you don't use it for a long time.

Delivery of outdoor furniture to your house

Come and see the selection in our showroom or order a suitable product from our website. All the patio furniture is now in stock, so you don't have to wait for several weeks. If necessary, we will deliver the furniture to your house.

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