Dining chairs

Hanging chair – everyone's favourite

Both children and adults love hanging chairs. Our range includes hanging chairs from the Loop and Diva series which have a lightweight aluminium frame.

A Loop hanging chair with a braided basket needs a place to attach it. Diva series single and double hanging chairs have a stand-alone frame, so you don't have to worry about fixing and securing them. Diva's hanging chair works like a garden swing.

Materials and maintenance of hanging chairs

  • The cushion covers are removable and machine washable.
  • The textile repels moisture very well – after rainfall, wipe off the extra water and you can sit down right away. When it rains heavily, you don't have to worry that the moisture will stay in the cushions – the patented content will drain water out of the pillows.
  • Lightweight aluminium frame.

We’ll deliver the hanging chair to your house

Come and try the sofas in our showroom or order a suitable product through the order form. All the furniture is available in our warehouse, so you can buy and take it with you from the showroom. If necessary, we will deliver the hanging chair to your house.

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